2017 Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize




Welcome Song  

You— yolk and marrow, pistil and pearl.

You petal, you spiraling platelet, you star.

Button, dear barnacle, you in this coracle.

Crumb in the seam, fruit of our kindle,

fingertip, lip, sleep-dimpled thimble.

You kernel, my comma of karma cocooned,

alchemical: liminal, limpet, limbed.

You minnow, nano, whole note, half-hitch;

needle-eye, filament, quickening stitch.



Sudasi Clement was poetry editor of the Santa Fe Literary Review from 2005-2015. Her chapbook, The Bones We Have In Common, was published by Slipstream Press in 2012, and her poems have been published in many journals and anthologies including the Sierra Nevada Review, The Harwood Anthology of New Mexico Poets, and Room.




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