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     The CALYX Journal Submission Manager is open for book reviews, which are accepted year-round. For Art submissions please contact our offices. If you already have an account, you do not need to use this form.
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  1. Fill in all of your contact information. If you are submitting work for someone else, fill in your contact info and fill in the name of the person your are submitting for in the "writer name" field. This information will be kept in our system, but will not be available to our editors (all submissions are read blind).
  2. Fill in the title(s) of the work(s) you are submitting. If you are submitting multiple works, separate titles with commas. Please see our submission guidelines for information on length and formatting.
  3. Use the drop down menu to select your genre and indicate whether you are submitting as 'student/low income'.
  4. Use the browse button to find the file on your computer that you would like to submit. Select the file and click on the open button. Your file will then appear in the "file" field.
  5. Please fill in the comments field with a 50-word biographic statement and any additional information you'd like to share with us, then click submit.
  6. You will then have the option to review your information and confirm that it is correct. Hit continue and you're done.
  7. After you submit your file to our submission manager, you will be directed to our PayPal page: CALYX, Inc. charges a reading fee of $3.00 low income/student and $5.00 general. Submissions received without reading fee will not be considered by our editors. Please visit for more information.
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