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CALYX Inc. is a non-profit press with a 501 C(3) status. All donations are tax deductible. Like other non-profit arts organizations—the opera, the ballet, the symphony, the theater—CALYX is not able to  produce enough revenue from sales to cover costs of production. CALYX is committed to publishing work that would not be published by commercial presses, and to genres that are not best-sellers in the marketplace. We have a commitment to cutting-edge literature and the discovery of unknown authors. We are often the first publisher of an author’s work. And we produce our publications on acid-free paper and in elegant formats for long life. We keep our books in print so that women’s literature is not lost. These are expensive commitments for a small press.

To meet the expenses involved with production we depend on the generosity of individual donors as well as generous grant support from private, federal and state foundations to support the publication of women’s art and literature.

You can ensure that CALYX is there at the critical moment when a writer needs encouragement by making a tax-deductible gift to CALYX. When Molly Gloss’s first short story, “The Doe,” was accepted by CALYX Journal in 1981, it was her first publication. This recognition was instrumental for her identity as a writer. She went on to publish the acclaimed novels Jump-Off Creek, The Dazzle of Day, and Wild Life, and has since been recognized with the prestigious Whiting Award.


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CALYX is supported in part by grants from the Collins Foundation, the Kinsman Foundation, the Meyer Memorial Trust, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) that believes a great nation deserves great art, and the Oregon Arts Commission.

We gratefully acknowledge support received from the following generous individuals, whose gifts have made this publication possible:


Immortal: Tokiko Noricks

Silver Angel: Gap, Inc, Elizabeth Geri

Matron: Kathleen Alcala, Applebee’s, Barbara Drageaux, Lisa Ede, Peggy Fletcher, Mona Freeperson, Donald Gordon, Dianna Hunter, Susan Johnson, Linda J. Kattwinkel, Jean T. Liebert, Carolyn Matthews, Lin Max, Microsoft Matching Gifts Program, Gwendolyn Morgan, Barbara Olson, Carol Pennock, Gladys Preuss, Juanita Rodriguez, Margaret Rosenthal, Cynthia Spencer, Marianne Villanueva, Elizabeth Wyckoff

Sister: Frances Payne Adler, Anna Balint, Carol Berger, Eleanor Berry, Kathy Brisker, Sara Brownmiller, Hope Bryant, Robin Chapman, Virginia Collins, Barbara Dobson, Maureen Eppstein, Jane Glazer, Catherine S. Hazen, Adriana Huyer, Karen Jones, Stephen Jones, Kathleen A. Kelly, Kristin King, Little Star (Randi C. Friedman), Sandra Rokuff Lizut, Marilyn MacLean, Margaret Miller, Nancy Newman, Barbara C. Pope, Laura Rice, Loretta Rielly, Lois Rosen, Judith Rudolph, Cheryl Ruggiero, Donna Sanders, Grayce Scholt, Tammy Skubinna, Elaine Smith, Linda Smith, Louise Steuben, Celia Stuart-Powles, Elizabeth T. Sunyer, Janet Throop, Ingrid Wendt

Friend: Joan Acker, Dee Axelrod, Nancy Azara, Carol Bosworth and Pat Mathews, Barbara Bruch, Cortney Davis, Mary Finnegan, Carolyn Flynn, Cynthia Frank, Carol L. Gloor, Quinton Hallett, Gale and Paul Hazel, Joan Hoppman, Denise Kalveti-Michaels, Lenore Kester, Marie Krohn, Barbara Lemiesz, Masakazu Matsumoto, Lynne Pagan, Theresa Pajot, Sylvia Patience, Shirley D. Patton, Barbara Scot, Sherley R. Sikes, Martha W. Steger, H. Sterling, Joan Carlson Walson, Annie Weatherwax, Patty Wixon, Kim Wollerbeek, Virginia Zucker

Many thanks to the businesses and artists who made CALYX’s 35th Anniversary Glitterati: “Burlesque. Music. Art.” November 4, 2011, a wonderful success! Very special thanks to our sponsors: The Corvallis Knights, Oddfellows Barnum Lodge #7, Steelhead Brewery, Barker Uerlings, Cynthia Spencer, and Robyn Ringler/East Line Books.

Special thanks to the artists and businesses who donated items for the silent auction: A. A. Eberman, Anne Smith, Airlie Press, Airlie Winery, Alma’s Chocolates, American Dream Pizza, Bob Eggers & A Computer Hero, Bonnie Avery, Browser’s Bookstore, Burst’s Chocolate, Cheryl MacLean, Chintimini Chamber, Cuban Salsa Dancing Lessons, Design by Dru, DP Photography, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Elsinore Theater, Emerson Vineyards, Eugene Ballet Company, Eugene Concert Choir, Eugene Symphony, Evergreen Indian Restaurant, Fiber Nooks & Crannys, Grace Winds Music, Great Harvest Bread Co., Happy Trails, Intaba and Fireworks Restaurant, Karl Maasdam Photography, Jean Liebert, Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub, King Estates Winery, Lan Su Chinese Garden, Laughing Planet Café, Market of Choice, McMenamins, Nancy Greenman, NEWTW!ST, New Morning Bakery, Northern Lights Theater, OMSI, Oregon Historical Society, Oregon Mozart Players, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Oregon Symphony, Oregon Symphony Association, OSU Men’s Basketball, Patricia Currans-Sheehan, Pentacle Theater, Perfect Time Watch/Clock Shop, Portland Center Stage, Portland Opera, Repertory Singers, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Tasty n Sons, Toro Bravo, Trysting Tree Golf Club, Voodoo Donuts, Willamette Valley Vineyards, and Zel Brook.

Thanks to our Glitterati volunteers – Amanda Bonn, Dennis Dugan, Matt Greco, Bethany Haug, Steve Hunter, Beverly McFarland, Linda Smith, Travis Witmer, and Jenny Woodson.

CALYX Board: Elle Bublitz, Mary Bisbee-Beek, Margarita Donnelly, Michelle Marie, Susan Meyers, and Julie Schwartz;

CALYX Staff: Kelsey Connell, Rebecca Olson, and Paul Richards;

CALYX Interns: Mara Pottersmith, Marissa DuBay, Paige O’Rourke, Angela Saraceno, Erica Emerson, and Christina Himka