Fine Art and Literature by Women

Vol. 30:1

Summer/Fall 2017


Vol. 29:3

Winter/Spring 2017


Vol. 29:2

Summer/Fall 2016


Vol. 29:1

Winter/Spring 2016



Barbara Baldwin

April 2018

Vol. 30:2

Winter/Spring 2018


Vol. 28:3

Summer/Fall 2015


Vol. 28:2

Winter/Spring 2015


Vol. 28:1

Summer 2014


Vol. 27:3

Winter 2014


Vol. 27:2

Summer 2013


Vol. 27:1

Winter 2013


Who in This Room

Katherine Malmo


Crow Mercies

Penelope Scambly Schott


Humming the Blues

Cass Dalglish


Far Beyond Triage

Sarah Lantz


Storytelling in Cambodia

Willa Schneberg


The Violet Shyness of Their Eyes

Barbara J. Scot

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Digitizing Feminist Literature

CALYX Press and Oregon State University Libraries and Press have been awarded a grant of $96,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to digitize at-risk literature published through CALYX Press. This grant enables important literary works from the last 50 years of the feminist movement to be transformed into openly licensed e-book formats. CALYX, founded in 1976, is one of

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19th Amendment Issue

The 19th Amendment centennial is coming up on August 18, 2020, which in publishing timelines is practically tomorrow. We at CALYX thought we were going to spend the centennial celebrating our progress with the first female president; we find ourselves instead looking forward to an anniversary that is much for suited to the discussion of

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Social Justice Reader

Hello to all! On the behalf of CALYX, I get to make an exciting announcement… we have an upcoming project: the publication of our new Social Justice Reader! No title yet, the reader is still young, just a sapling of an idea being tended to, and at the moment we vaguely refer to it as

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CALYX holds a special place in my heart…Without them, we would lose much more than feminist thought – we would lose color and diversity, poetry, the outside chance, the underdog’s story, the heretical questions, the answers we need.

- Barbara Kingsolver

CALYX stands out from the crowd.

- The Utne Reader

Thank you for all your good and beautiful work.

- Gloria Steinem