Far Beyond Triage


by Sarah Lantz

Sarah Lantz is a new voice offering sensual, lyrical poetry and dazzling imagery with Rumi’s sense of the divine.

This first collection of deeply spiritual poetry explores the longings of the soul and tests the penetrable boundary between the living world and the ethereal. Sarah Lantz articulates complex emotions in a manner that makes poetry accessible while remaining elusive, heartbreaking and yet hopeful, romantic yet startlingly real. She creates a world in which small, ordinary moments posses elements of divinity, moving through time and space to discover “all I knew before I was born.” Lantz explores her past and the past of the family members killed in the holocaust while working to make sense of the present.

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Sarah Lantz has been published by CALYX Journal, The Denver Quarterly, The Marlboro Review, Paris Atlantic, Manzanita Quarterly, Margie, and Sister Stew, among others. She is a secondary school teacher and has taught Poetry in the Schools in Oregon (through Literary Arts) and in Hawaii (through an NEA grant). She received her MFA from Warren Wilson College and is a member of the Pearl Poets (Portland, OR). She has been a featured poet on NPR’s Morning Edition, and on Canadian Broadcasting’s equivalent, for her translations of Nushu, an ancient form of poetry created by women in Hunan, China, to record their autobiographies.



“A strong voice in a dark time, Lantz’s raw, worldly, rambunctious poems traverse oceans and deserts, time, space, history, geography, and ferry us to other shores. Read ‘Oranges and the West Bank’ or ‘Making Do: A Fable’ to see ‘where else we are.’ ” —Dorianne Laux

“ ‘What if the bus chooses not to wait/while we climb this hill; I want to see where else we are.’ The imaginative venture of these original and ultimately joyous poems is to have a capacious vision, to see that ‘where else,’ to track the unfolding of an inner life through landscapes darkened by history, but lit by the dreaming mind whose ‘rivers know their way home by heart.’ ” Eleanor Wilner

“In Far Beyond Triage, Sarah Lantz has crafted a series of poems whose fierce—indeed icy—clarity is matched by a bitter poignancy. At times visionary (observing, for instance, ‘the chaos of daybreak/and its obsession with the sun’) and at times trenchantly political (noting, for example, that ‘the distinction between/criminals and heroes/is frequently only fashion’), Lantz is always fully in command of complex and acutely relevant lyric material.” Sandra Gilbert

“In the opening poem, ‘The Same Water,’ Sarah Lantz offers us a ‘message in a bottle’ beginning with the mysterious image, ‘Yesterday,/I saw a cat slide/from a riverbank/with an eel in its mouth.’ Many of my favorite lines are finely drawn images like these: ‘memory…that great baobob of synapses,’ ‘the baby’s teeth inside the cantaloupe,’ ‘a moon come winter that hauls its Mars uphill.’ Such moments in Far Beyond Triage are truly messages that connect us to the vivid, physical world.” —Ellen Bass


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