Vol. 18:3


Released in Summer 1999.

“Minstrel” by Katherine Ace


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Lynn Bowmaster There in the Shadow of Mountains Still to Come
Jessica Lamb Go Fish
The Door
Janice Pang Daughter
Pesha Gertler Standing with Chiyo-ni
Y’art Tzeit
Lois Rosen Pigeon
Lola Rodriguez Madness Is Bald
Tess Thompson Women’s Shelter, Night
Lisa Kerr Stigmata
Peggy J. Taylor Brigit
In the Shower
Janet Ruhe-Schoen Doña Paciencia
Robin Morgan Fixed Canon
Janell Moon Photophobic
Imprints of the Mind
Tami Haaland Feeding the Sea Girl
Opal Palmer Adisa My Turn Now
We’re the Land
Maria Ercilla Home
Janet Wondra Separation
Nydia Rojas Blank Wall
Mina Kumar Summer Poem #3
The Daughter
Christine E. Montross Hands
April Selley The Three Middle-Aged Women in Speed
Mrs. Santa Claus Decides to Move to Florida
Michelle Ben-Hur Corpus Delicti
Jane Bailey Our Lady of the Fallen Breasts
A Week Before the Factory Layoffs Began
JoAnn Young Black Stockings
Sandra Yannone 1984
Susan Richardson Intimacy
Garnett Kilberg Cohen Nuts
Night Son
Beth Thompson Human Nature
Jan Hodgman Tanuki
Anne Spollen The Under Things
Catherine Brady Don’t Run
Crystal E. Wilkinson Humming Yesterday
Laurie Sleeper Simple Statements
Ann L. DuBois Peach
Apple Hear
Plum Tomato
Kim Knauer The Bitch
The Pitter Patter of Little Feet
Barbara Spring Willie B. Abel
Double Take
Amy Cropper Embedded Bookcase, August 1997
Embedded Bookcase, December 1998
Katherine Ace Sunday
Saturday: Setting the Table
August: All Dressed Up
December: St. Eve
Kathy Sloane Watching and Waiting
Pleated Skirts
My Turn Now
We’re the Land
Paulann Petersen Clearwater by Alice Derry
Linda Hathaway Bunza Entomologist’s Dreambook by Sherron Norlen
Jennifer Ho What the Fortune Teller Didn’t Say by Shirley Geok-lin Lim
Janet Aalfs Impulse to Fly by Almitra David
Finding the Bear by Gail Thomas
Eleanor J. Bader Ella Price’s Journal by Dorothy Bryant
Miss Giardino by Dorothy Bryant
Marlene Lee Small Knots by Kelli Agodon
Bettina Heinz The Everlasting Rock by Feng Zong-Pu
In Memoriam
Deborah Kaufman
Anne Elizabeth “Izzie” Harbaugh


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