Vol. 25:2


Released in Summer 2009.

“A Slip Through Time” by Brenda Roper (acrylic, photos, & slip on board)



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Dian Duchin Reed The Map-Maker Muses
Sara Dailey Biological Galaxies
Desert Wanderer
Helen Puciloski Abstract
Mary Kolada Scott Tough Love
Denise Rue Breakdown at the A&P
Jessica Sidler Home Repair
Michele Heather Pollock One Secret Truth About Being in Love
Tess Taylor Ohio Engagement
Diane Shipley DeCillis Quiet Rooms
Patricia Cumming Two Poems for a Mirrored Room
Connie Post Taking You Back to Your Group Home
Lois Rosen Hide-a-Bed
The Only Land She Ever Owned Is Her Plot at Mt. Hope Cemetery
Katie E. Ellis, Jr. Gloss
The Most Fragile Reappear
Theresa Whitehill Ave Maria
Christine Maria-Nuñez In Praise of a Pregnant Body
Andrea Potos Each Self
Mary Calvin Mohawk
Shanan Ballam Suicide Watch
Nancy Cherry Harvest
Gail Fishman Gerwin Radiation Summer, 1995
Marigny Michel Uncradled
Helen Wickes Pilgrimage Up Henderson Canyon Road
Rabbits Keep My Father Alive
Susan Hazen-Hammond When I Had to Leave My Skin
Abby E. Murray Late Autumn in Vancouver & Baghdad: The Preservation of Women
Linda Strever Composting, Caprilands Herb Farm
Sukie Brown People, Not Places
Barbara A. Fischer Late September
Felicity Shoulders Ashes
Leslie What Living Waters
Kathleen Zamboni McCormick Satan’s Snakes, Vanilla Cokes
Andi Calliope Linden Erotica
Michelle Brady Becoming…
Bleecker St., New York
Brenda Roper After the Party
A Slip Through Time
Wet Nurse
Wet Nurse (detail)
Nancy Ryan Keeling Papa Gay
Father’s Day
Carverdale Kid J
Susan Jarvis Experts Unequivocally Agree
Chattering at Playdates
Pretending to Fly
Sandra Beck High Tea over Sacred Burial Ground
Triptych #2
Cathy Wysocki 5cStepper
Holly Karapetkova Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-Po Listserv, edited by Moira Richards, et al.
Julie R. Enszer Over the Summer Water  by Elizabeth McFarland
Edythe Haendel Schwartz A Darker, Sweeter String  by Lee Sharkey
Cecilia Woloch Light Lowering in Diminished Sevenths by Judy Kronenfeld
Claudia Van Gerven The Bone Train by Katherine West
Sharon McGill Apologies Forthcoming by Xujun Eberlein
Claire Languillat Girl on a Stick by Kathleen Bryson


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