Vol. 25:1


Released in Winter 2009.

“Fix You” by Taryn Wells (18″x18″, graphite)



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Hilde Welsert Finding Wilfred Owen Again
J. Ramsey Golden Sacrament
Marie-Elizabeth Mali Trust Is a Silent Thing
Barbara Rockman Prayer for My Daughters
Kathryn Dohrmann Archeomythology
Maureen Eppstein Te Ara a Hine
Marcia Slatkin Mummies: Guanajuato, Mexico
Sara Burant My Mother Half-Dressed in the Hall
Judith Sornberger Madonna of the Disappeared
Prayer for Order, July 2006
Down-Home Annunciation 
Linda Ridlehuber How to Make Gravy
Watching the Clock and His Bedroom Door
Jane Alynn What I Know About the Ballet
Mozart for Your Death
Amymarie Schmidt Visiting My Newborn Daughter at the Home of Her Adoptive Family
Terry Godbey Where Grief Lives
Vicki Mandell-King Patterns
Marcia Falk Now and Then I Give Myself a Talking-to
Sara Richmond Chronophotography
Keli Stewart jumpinjumpoutjumpsidetosidejumponjumpinjumpout: a jump rope song
Kathy Horowitz 46
Markie Babbot BRCAI
Martha Christina Hold Your Breath, Don’t Breathe
Kristin Berger Staking the Trellis
Bethany Reid Be Careful
The Body in Heaven
Grace Danborn The Russian olives
Margaret Hasse How Does the Dog Spend Her Day?
Mary Patrosky Nothing to Confess
Blue Scarf
Theresa C. Dintino Total Lunar Eclipse
Laura White Schuett The Hostages
Rhonda Zangwill Ever Hear of Lilly Stein?
Lynn Ahrens Byobu
Carolyn Matthews The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves
Margaret MacInnis My Grandmother and Charley Pride
Renée Hansen White Horse Down
Braided Horse
White Horse One
Celia Carl Anderson Unsettled
Out of Alaska’s Waters
Lisa Goren Iceberg from Our Zodiac, Antarctica
Whale Bones, Antarctica
Alicia Morris Soto Listen
Sarah Anne Graham Bruised Sky
Desert Bed in Winter
Taryn Wells 78 Degrees
Gotta Get Up
Lee Lee Angkor Shrine
Confined Shrine, Myanmar
Collapsed Home in Vares, Bosnia
Patricia Ann West Women’s Worlds: The McGraw-Hill Anthology of Women’s Writings, edited by Robyn Warhol-Down et al.
Tara Menon The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer
Marie Krohn The Florist’s Daughter by Patricia Hampl
Samantha Tetangco Night Train  by Lise Erdrich
Edythe Haendel Schwartz Piece Work by Barbara Presnell
Judith H. Montgomery Rosary of Jones by Jennifer MacPherson
Michelle Gillett Apparition Wren by Maureen Alsop
Julie R. Enszer Case Walking: An AIDS Case Manager Wails Her Blues by Julene Tripp Weaver
Paula Gunn Allen


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