Vol. 24:1


Released in Summer 2007.

“Red Glove” by Leah Kosh (24” x 24”, mixed media on panel)

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Anna Balint Goulant
Debra Brenegan The Last Triangle
M. Dawn Liddi How to Confess When You’re Not the Sinner
Zeeva Bukai The Only Part Left
Leah Kosh The Story of “Convergence”
Kristin Kearns The Weight of Me
Karina Fuentes Twinspeak
Claudia B. Manley Of Love and Radishes
Caridad McCormick Analfabeta 
Brandy Whitlock Passing On
Mary Petrosky This Morning
Wendell Hawkin Flies at Night Inside the Lampshade
Yvonne Zipter Naming the World
Patty Crane Falling Still
Laurie Patton Doorpost
Susan Blackwell Ramsey Stalling
Karen Bashkirew Summer at the Lake: 1959
Jacqueline Jules Circle of Friends
Purple Glasses
M. Dawn Liddi Hey, Mother!
Our Mother
Beth Kephart First Beginner
Arlyn Miller Curious Kids Museum
Sara Burant Crows Walking
Karen Carissimo Momotaro: The Little Peach Boy
Dale M. Kushner Homunculus
Sarah Rouse Clark Evening Chores
Teresa Carson To My Mother Waiting on 10/01/54
Pesha Joyce Gertler Homage
Leah Kosh Convergence
Stillness at the Center of Movement
Tuatara Counterpoint
Spirit Sings
Pamela Hough Dreams
Keeping On
Joyce Ann Burton-Sousa Perpetua
Naomi Kasumi The Third Voice: Absence Wall
Memorial No. 3
Memorial No. 6 (detail)
Memorial No. 6 (complete installation)
 AliceAnn Eberman Garden Spheres
 C. Lill Ahrens Sacred Sex Stamps: Planting the Seed,
Tantric Tootsies, Tantric Footsie II
Diane Holland A Bride of Narrow Escape by Paulann Petersen
Judith Barrington Cures Include Travel by Susan Rich
Judith Montgomery Green November by Eleanor Berry
Dorothy Blackcrow Mack Twenty Questions by Alison Clement
Destiny Kinal Let Me Tell You Where I’ve Been: New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora edited by Persis M. Karim
Julie R. Enszer Half Wild and the Love of Impermanent Things  by Mary Rose O’Reilley
Sheila Golburgh Johnson The Habit of Fire: Poems Selected and New by Judith McCombs
Adrianne Kalfapoulou Behind Every Door by Terry Godbey


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