Vol. 22:3


Released in Summer 2005.

“Unititled #2″ by Chamindika Wanduragal (12″x12”, oil pastel)

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Barbara Leon Day of the Dead/Ciudad Juárez
Kesaya E. Noda My Mother Writes a Letter from the
Farm, October 21, 2001
The Kamisama
Susan Elbe Drought, 1937
Kristen Sandel (Returned) Airmail to the Emirate
Peggy Varnado Formula for the Midpoint
Rebecca Spears Fortune Cookie Journals
Terry Godbey My Grandmother Can See Her Husband’s Grave from Her Front Door
Laura Long Ode to Nurse Lila
West Virginia Catholic Girl
Hossannah Dela Peña the emptiness of a bed half full
Ronda Broatch Wild Honey
Jann Ball I Wanted to Dance with My Father
Cheryl Wood Ruggiero laundry sins
Susan L. Miller Climbing Alice
Mary Makofske Out of Hate’s Country
Patrice Vecchione Pregnant
Carol Robison Sharks
Linda P. Adams The Year I Went Insane
Margot C. Kadesch Lacunae
Louisa Peck Rachmanioff Lives
Kimberly Jones The End of Summer
Brenda Roper Fecundity
Carolee S. Clark In Thought
Chamindika Wanduragala Untitled #1
Hiding a Larger Breath
Untitled #3
Communication Range Beyond the Sun
Sarah Graham Dual Bird with Red Shoes
Coupled Sleep
Debra Ramsey Crossing
Strength of the Thread
Woman in the Currents
Donna Dodson Pregnant Owl
Red Rabbit
Caribbean Queen
AliceAnn Eberman The Girl with Bees in Her Hair by Eleanor Rand Wilner
Pam Crow Blood Silk by Paulann Petersen
Claire Keyes Poems: New & Selected by Marianne Boruch
Amontaine Woods My Jim by Nancy Rawles
Mary Zelinka Leadville by Gillian Klucas
Cielo Lutino The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
In Memoriam
Ronley Jay Duncan


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